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“Beautiful photos and interesting stories loaded with information. The app works great. Recommending to my gardener friends!

“It is such a great magazine that, as a lover of magazines in general, I gobble it up. The photos are wonderful and the information is so helpful and well written in plain English.”

“It is so nice to be reading a gardening magazine that has been well thought out, with good articles and ideas. There is something refreshingly new about this magazine which makes it a joy to read, and learn.”

“This [magazine is] helping me to get the soil correct to grow vegetables… It is awesome!” 

“A convenient resource for me when problem solving in my little container garden. This magazine packs a lot of basic info into an affordable package.”

“Once I open it, I have to read it all the way through. A fun and interesting read at an inexpensive price.”

“I am enjoying this read very much.”

“Sweet little magazine! Tons of timely and informative articles by experts, as well as people just like us, with lots of bright, eye-pleasing photos on every page.”

“I really appreciate the time and effort the team put in to make this magazine as educational and interesting as it is. I’m hooked and excited for more!

“To ‘The Dirt,’ keep it GROWING!

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