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It’s spring, and we’re ready at The Dirt on Organic Gardening!

Issue Q2 The Dirt on Organic Gardening

Fifteen articles will take you through just about everything you need to keep your garden secure from invaders, whether they creep, crawl, leap or fly!


Varmints in your garden?  From cats to raccoons, tips and tricks for critter control

Oh, poop!  Dealing with animal feces in your crop beds

Garden mystery  Follow writer S.E. Filomeo as she sleuths in her garden

Bugs you gotta hate  Some insects you don’t want around

Bugs you gotta love  Other insects you should welcome

Wildflowers  A colorful approach to pest control

The ABCs of IPM (integrated pest management)  Master Gardener Michelle Shipton Cook walks us through the basics of integrated pest management

Battling beetles  Not all beetles are pests, but the few that are can devastate your garden

Must-haves for natural pest control  What you need on hand to stave off potential infestations

Keep calm and carry on  No need to panic if you find invaders eating your garden

DIY pest control recipes  Your first line of defense is probably in your pantry

Neem oil  Nature’s remedy in the garden—
and beyond

Diatomaceous earth  The whats, whys and whens

Mosquitoes!  They don’t have to be part of your summer

It’s alive!  There’s a living universe in the soil beneath your feet

Companion planting  Traditional agricultural methods are finding a new respectability

Crop rotation  Not just for farmers

The dos & don’ts of crop rotation

Get those %#@* ants out of my garden  From deterrence to decimation, there are things you can do

Permaculture  A sustainable philosophy

Garden triage  At what point do you just call it?


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