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The Dirt on Organic Gardening Magazine is for urban organic gardeners everywhere.

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Starting in 2018, we have a new format for The Dirt on Organic Gardening Magazine!

Issue 2.0 Q1 The Dirt on Organic Gardening Magazine

We’re moving to a quarterly format, and each quarterly issue will be themed for the season!

To kick this off, Issue 2.0 Q1 (Quarter 1 of version 2.0) is packed with inspirational profiles of some of our favorite people who are actively working to change the way things are done. From gangsta gardeners to goatkeepers, from rooftop gardeners to water harvesters, we’re sharing a dozen inspirational stories.

Get this issue, then resolve what you can do this year to make the world just a little better in 2018!


RON FINLEY  Renegade gardener and international activist

ALANA TESSMAN  Still a dedicated scientist

THE DERVAES FAMILY  Pasadena’s own urban homesteaders

JOHN KOHLER  He shows you how his greens grow

LA GREEN GROUNDS  Growing communities in people’s yards

SILVERA GRANT  Changing the culture in a garden community

BARBARA WISEMAN  The Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization

YVONNE SAVIO  The master gardener’s Master Gardener

MUD BARON  How his garden grows responsible teens

SARA GASBARRA  Food from the rooftops of Chicago—and beyond

HUDSON VALLEY KINDERS & KRITTERS  Time to lose the lawnmower and get a goat!

LEIGH ADAMS  The genius of applied water farming


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