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Time to get your garden on!

In Issue Q5 of The Dirt on Organic Gardening Magazine, find out what you need to know for spring, from best ways to buy seeds to how to join in on the seed-saving network that’s bringing back all kinds of heirloom varieties.

Find out a simple way to test the viability on old seeds, get suggestions on how to find new vegetable varieties, and learn some great tips for keeping your garden efforts organized.

Issue Q5 Cover

In this issue

GROWING FOOD: With a few basics in place, it’s easy!

PLANNING A SPRING GARDEN: Now is the time to think about spring

HOW MUCH DIRT? Calculating your raised-bed soil needs

DOS & DON’TS for established gardens

SEED CATALOGS: Getting all the benefits

BANKS, SWAPS AND LIBRARIES: A grassroots movement for preserving seed diversity

STARTING SEEDS INDOORS: Get a jump on the coming season

STARTING SEEDS IN EGGSHELLS: Don’t throw those eggshells (or cartons) away!

SPROUTING SEEDS IN YOUR WINDOW: Find out how viable those old seeds are

WARM WEATHER ALTERNATIVES: Mix it up in your garden this year!

THE ORGANIZED GARDENER: No seeds left behind!

TRACKING WHAT YOU PLANT: Ways to log your garden info

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