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Winter is coming

It may not feel like winter yet, but fall is almost here and winter will come before you know what’s happened.  The Dirt wants to help you make the most of this seasonal shift.

Issue Q4 The Dirt on Organic Gardening Magazine

Issue Q4 has 17 great explorations into what to do from how to pick and preserve your harvests to saving seeds for next year’s plantings. It also gives you some vital maintenance you can take care of best this time of year.

Get this issue, and get the most out of the new season.

In this issue

Harvesting from your garden
Best practices for picking fresh

Using everything
What to do with those overgrown, overripe, gone-to-seed veggies

Extending your growing season
How to make that garden last

Saving seeds
It may be easier than you realized

Lazy gardening
Go wild outside

Fall planting
Cool weather crops

Storing the fruits of your labor
Keeping your fresh produce fresh

5 things you can do with those green tomatoes
There’s gold in that green!

You can pickle anything
Folks didn’t always have freezers, you know…

Top ways to preserve your fresh produce through drying

Cover crops
Use your winter downtime to feed your soil

Getting ready for winter
What you can do to get the most out of the cold season

Planting bulbs
Want color in spring? Start now!

The importance of pruning
When and how to cut

Dos & don’ts
For wintering fruit trees

The science of composting
How nature does it

The cold-weather compost pile
It is possible to compost all year long

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