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 Summertime, and the livin’ is easy…

Issue Q3 The Dirt on Organic Gardening

Fourteen articles that dig into everything from basic botany 101 to how to select garden veggies that will feed you year after year.

Growing ginger is a snap, find out how to expand your tomato production mid-season, and discover the very short history of corn as we know it today.

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How plants grow  Back to the basics

A to zucchini  One of the most rewarding food crops you can grow

Summer squash versus winter squash  Not certain which is which? Never fear, answers are here!

Best tomatoes ever!  Learn the secrets of a master

The fabulous sweet potato  One plant, two crops

Reproduction without sex  How can I propagate thee? Let me count the ways…

Corn  A very domesticated vegetable with a fascinating history

One potato, two potato…  What’s under the ground may surprise you

Dos & don’ts  On planting potatoes

How to get your garlic on  Not just the food of the healthy

Growing ginger  There’s nothing like fresh ginger straight from the garden!

Celery  From root to leaf, every part of this versatile plant can be eaten

The art of the artichoke  Once established, it can produce for up to fifteen years

Perennial edibles  The artichoke is not the only plant that can feed you year after year

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