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In Issue 41:

  • Is your garden in a pickle? Well, it should be! Find out what produce is the best for pickling (some of our suggestions might surprise you!), along with a fail-safe, fast pickling technique.
  • Sometimes you just want to get a little wild in the garden. Let Master Gardener Michelle Shipton Cook show you why this is a good thing!
  • Finding your garden in zucchini overload? We have a solution that you probably haven’t thought of yet: zucandy!
  • Plus tips for reducing your plastic footprint, things to consider before you get chickens, why we all owe a debt to John Muir, and more!

The Dirt on Organic Gardening Issue 41


EDITORIAL  Fresh eggs

Get your garden into a pickle

John Muir

GARDEN PLOT by Michelle Shipton Cook
Going wild in the garden
(when you should let your garden go to seed)

GARDEN GRIST by Yvonne Savio
Transitioning between seasons

FEATURE by S.E. Filomeo

FOWL PLAY by Lady Human Anne Kuo
Before you get your first flock

How fresh is that egg?
(how to test an egg for freshness)

The life of an entomologist

THE BUZZ by Pat Anderson
Winter is coming
(how bees prepare for winter)

THE TRUTH ABOUT FOOD  by Lauren Hollander
5 ways to reduce your plastic footprint

FROM THE GUT  by Linda Tourjé
The big C


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