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Issue 4 of The Dirt on Organic Gardening is about natural pest control. Find out more about the bugs you gotta love, the ones you gotta hate, and how to keep critters of all sorts out of your garden. And find out about the first organic gardening museum in the world!


EDITORIAL The miracle of a garden

GETTING YOUR HANDS DIRTY Controlling critters in your garden

FEATURE The bugs you gotta hate!

FEATURE The bugs you gotta love!

DOS & DON’TS on natural pest control

FEATURE Neem oil

FEATURE Best tomatoes ever Part 2

JUST ASK LEE Lee O’Hara answers questions on concerns over toadstools, and what he thinks of “no till gardening”.

THE BUZZ by Pat Anderson, Members of the hive

ORGANIC INTERNATIONAL South Korea, a reputation for innovation

PRODUCT REVIEW Safer brand Caterpillar Killer

WHO’S DOING IT Profile on Alana Tessman, a dedicated scientist who’s twelve years old.

SIMPLY DELICIOUS Roasted carrots