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In Issue 37 of The Dirt on Organic Gardening Magazine:

  • CaliKim explains how to use worm tea in your garden for best results.
  • Master Gardener Michelle Shipton Cook lays out a colorful strategy for using flowers in your garden for pest control, and get tips on growing vertically from another master gardener, Yvonne Savio.
  • It’s summer, and you’ll appreciate S.E. Filomeo’s advice on how to keep those mosquitos from making you their main course. She also explains her favorite remedy for the bites that do get through!
  • If you think garden pests are a bother now, you should hear about what they were like back in the Paleozoic days from writer Michele Bousquet, and General Lee O’Hara will ‘splain what he does to win the bug wars this time of year. Pat Anderson gives an address on how honeybees as we know them today evolved.
  • Pseudo cereals are a great alternative for people with gluten sensitivities. Find out what pseudo cereals are available, and how you can grow them in your own garden. And speaking of pseudo cereals, find out some of our favorite ways to cook with chi-chi-chi chia here at The Dirt!
  • Lauren Hollander validates the fact that dogs are truly carnivores, while Nadia Ruffin shows us a food source with more protein than salmon. And Linda Tourjé gives us more than 15 ways to boost that old immune system!

All in all, Issue 37 is jam-packed with great info! Get your copy now!


EDITORIAL  Social media: the good and the bad (and occasionally the ugly)

A gallon of prevention: using worm castings and worm tea in your garden

FEATURE by Michelle Shipton Cook
Look what April’s showers brought! A colorful approach to pest control
Using flowers for garden pest control

FEATURE  Pseudo cereals

GARDEN GRIST by Yvonne Savio
Growing up in the garden

FEATURE  5 great things you can do with chia

FEATURE by S.E. Filomeo
How to avoid being a blood meal

FEATURE by Michele Bousquet
Paleozoic pests

THE TRUTH ABOUT FOOD by Lauren Hollander
Time to feed the dog!
Includes recipe for homemade dog treats

Entomophagy and the American palate
“Entomophagy” means eating bugs, and no, this is not an eating disorder

JUST ASK LEE  by Lee O’Hara
Winner the garden bug wars!

THE BUZZ  by Pat Anderson
Prehistoric bees

FROM THE GUT  by Linda Tourjé
15 ways to boost your immune system