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The Dirt on Organic Gardening Magazine is for urban organic gardeners everywhere.

The Dirt on Organic Gardening Magazine is for urban organic gardeners everywhere.

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Issue 36 of The Dirt on Organic Gardening Magazine now available:

  • CaliKim explains her fave ways of starting seeds indoors
  • Explore the world of mason bees, including instructions for a DIY bee hotel
  • Master Gardener Yvonne Savio shares ways to improve fruit harvests with a little patience and a couple of cool tricks
  • Michelle Shipton Cook, Master Gardener, takes us through how to grow bread—literally! She describes each step, from seeding to milling. Grow your own grain and make your own flour!
  • Homemade baby food is the best quality food for your baby, and Lauren Hollander shows how easy it is to make!
  • The importance of cleaning produce becomes clear when Nadia Ruffin talks about the “other bugs” in your garden that nobody really wants to discuss.
  • And more!


EDITORIAL  “Let me tell you ‘bout the birds and the bees, and the flowers and the trees…”

From house to garden: two easy ways to start seeds indoors

FEATURE  Mason bees

DIY MINI-FEATURE  Host your own air bee & bee

GARDEN GRIST by Yvonne Savio
Don’t rush harvests

FEATURE by Michelle Shipton Cook
Grow your own bread

FEATURE by S.E. Filomeo
Baking memories

THE TRUTH ABOUT FOOD by Lauren Hollander
Taking care of baby (homemade baby food)

DOS & DON’TS on cleaning produce

About those other bugs in the garden
Addresses microorganisms that could be on your garden produce, and how to get rid of them in the kitchen

JUST ASK LEE  by Lee O’Hara
Getting the birds & bees to behave!

WHO’S DOING IT  Interview by Su Falcon
CaliKim helping the world to grow

THE BUZZ  by Pat Anderson
How honeybees pollinate

FROM THE GUT  by Linda Tourjé
Thyroid health