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For urban organic gardeners everywhere!

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How sweet potatoes became misnamed; planning your spring garden, why our eight-legged friends benefit our gardens, what those grocery store meat descriptions really mean, and so much more!


EDITORIAL  I heart sweet potatoes

GET YOUR HANDS DIRTY by Michelle Shipton Cook
Planning your spring garden

MINI-FEATURE  Calculating your raised-bed soil needs

DOS & DON’TS for established gardens

FEATURE  The fabulous sweet potato

FEATURE by S.E. Filomeo
The magic of extra virgin olive oil

Who’s afraid of the big bad spider?

JUST ASK LEE  by Lee O’Hara
Lee answers questions about holes in harvested sweet potatoes, and best ways to fertilize raised beds.

THE TRUTH ABOUT FOOD by Lauren Hollander
About that burger… (understanding the world of meat)

THE BUZZ  by Pat Anderson
The masterpiece that is honey

SIMPLY DELICIOUS  Sweet potato fries