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For urban organic gardeners everywhere!

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Who let the bugs out? Anti-bug artillery every organic gardener should have, homegrown pest remedies, and debunking garden myths. Also, why eating seasonally is important, plus so much more!


EDITORIAL Who let the bugs out?

GETTING YOUR HANDS DIRTY Must-haves for natural pest control

DOS & DON’TS on homemade pest control

FEATURE Get those ants!

FEATURE by S.E. Filomeo
Chickens: more than just another pretty egg

FEATURE Battling beetles in the garden

FEATURE Growing ginger

JUST ASK LEE by Lee O’Hara
Lee answers questions on pollination and tomato leaf damage.

THE TRUTH ABOUT FOOD by Lauren Hollander
Eating seasonally

THE BUZZ by Pat Anderson
More about bees

ORGANIC INTERNATIONAL Carbon-neutral farming in Costa Rica

WHO’S DOING IT Planting seeds of science: Linda Chalker-Scott

PRODUCT REVIEW JT Eaton pesticide powder duster

SIMPLY DELICIOUS Spicy ginger sweets