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Get your garden ready for spring! Find out how to start seeds indoors, and get tips on how to prepare your soil for planting. Worm your way into vermicomposting, and get a chef’s guide to edible flowers! And as always, so much more!



EDITORIAL Why grow your own?

GETTING YOUR HANDS DIRTY Starting seeds indoors

FEATURE Starting seeds in eggshells

FEATURE Cleaning your dirt—solarization

FEATURE Letting worms do the work

DOS & DON’TS on feeding your worms

FEATURE Soil pH—what you should know and why

JUST ASK LEE by Lee O’Hara
Lee answers questions about pillbugs, and about planting with Epsom salts and sugar.

THE TRUTH ABOUT FOOD by Lauren Hollander
Edible flowers

FEATURE by SE Filomeo
In pursuit of purslane

THE BUZZ by Pat Anderson
Bee seasons

Reducing the carbon footprint with Origin Green

WHO’S DOING IT Using the whole plant with Linda Ly

PRODUCT REVIEW Epica compost pail

SIMPLY DELICIOUS Panzanella salad