organically dyed eggs

Organic egg dyes

During springtime holidays, we like to dye our eggs pretty colors. Nothing says spring like a colorful egg!

And of course we use organic egg dyes. These dyes are all food-based, so they won’t harm the egg inside. They might even add a little nutrition and flavor.

Any kind of food that stains your clothes is a good bet for an organic dye. Some of the dye might leach into the egg through its semi-porous shell. (This is another great argument for using non-toxic food-sourced dyes!) It might even give a little flavor boost to your hard-boiled egg.

organic egg dyes

How to make your own organic egg dyes

Making a natural food dye is simple:

  1. Boil or mash some food until the liquid turns a pretty color.
  2. Strain out the food.
  3. Dip your eggs in the liquid, and off you go!

Here are some of our favorite bases for organic dye:

  • Beets, red cabbage or cherries—pink
  • Coffee or black tea—brown
  • Turmeric or saffron—yellow
  • Red grapes—blue

Oily foods don’t work well, as the color just slides off the egg with the oil. So we can’t dye our eggs with chocolate, butter, or cheese, as much as we’d love to.

The Nourishing Joy website has a great guide to creating your own organic dyes and making those pretty holiday eggs.


– Michele Bousquet
Co-publisher for The Dirt on Organic Gardening Magazine

Michele is also Editor in Chief for CG Freelancer Magazine, and the author of Physics for Animators