With chickens on the loose, poop happens. Sometimes it’s funny.

Beware of chickens sign on the fence around the chicken yardA year and a half ago, backyard chickens were only a dream, a pleasant pastoral dream that had little to do with the reality of keeping a small flock of chickens. It was a dream that didn’t account for having my sleeping dreams interrupted by irritated
squawks on those days I missed getting up before the sun to let the chickens out of their coop, or that locked me in to being home every evening at sunset to secure the coop from local predators who roamed the dark recesses of my backyard nightly.

It was also a dream that failed to factor in the effort required to keep chicken poop off the porch, or how much time you should allow for poop bombs to “cure” so they won’t smear when you take a broom to them.

Dreams are important. But reality is, well, pretty real. And frequently messy.

Chicken keeping has a definite learning curve

I learned a lot in that first year. And I learned enough to know that as long as I keep chickens there will be more for me to learn.

There are plenty of books available that give good advice on chickens, and do it better than I ever could. Some of my favorites
include Lisa Steel’s Fresh Eggs Daily and Gardening with Chickens, and Storey’s Guide to Raising Chickens by Gail Damerow.

How I Survived My First Year with ChickensBut I had this crazy idea that people would be interested in hearing my personal stories about the chickens in my yard. This was based in large part on the fact that my 30K+ social media followers were entertained by the mischief my girls got into daily, and the trials and tribulations I went through in learning how to care for them—and keep them out of my garden. And keep their poop off the patio. And keep from spoiling them rotten (epic fail, that last one).

I was right.

Who this book is for

Readers are loving this book. Chicken people, one for one, relate to my stories. People who want to have chickens find the book enlightening in terms of what they can expect. And people who couldn’t care less about starting a backyard flock are still entertained by my silly ninja-attack, Houdini-escape chicken stories.

Yep, I’m crowing about my book, and this blog is totally a shameless plug. But I love the book. I love my chickens. And I love the responses I’m getting from readers. So please read this book, then let me know what you think! You can leave a review on Amazon, or you can email me directly at editor@thedirtmag.com.

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Su Falcon
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