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The Organic Gardener's GlossaryExclusively for Kindle
The Organic Gardener’s Glossary

A must-have reference for organic gardeners everywhere, with over 260 definitions from Air Pruning to Worm Casting. Written in clear, easy-to-understand language, with dozens of illustrations.

“This is a much-needed publication to help anyone interested in organic gardening to really understand what the subject is all about!” 

“Quick and easy to use reference guide for those learning more about organic gardening. Highly recommend!”
“Great glossary for any gardener.”

Cooking with The Dirt Cookbook

Exclusively for Kindle

Cooking with The Dirt

At The Dirt on Organic Gardening magazine, we believe that if you start with good, fresh, healthy organic produce, it’s easy to make delicious meals every time.
The easy-peasy recipes in this little cookbook were pulled from early issues of The Dirt. Each recipe comes from a cook who’s also grown his or her own organic produce, so we know these recipes are tested on real, whole (not processed) food!

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Beef Secrets Straight from the Butcher

by Lee O’Hara

Ever wondered what about the difference between ground chuck and chuck roast? London broil and NY strip?

This comprehensive reference covers everything from cuts of meat to how to keep your knives sharp—a must-have for all culinary artists.

“This is the best and most useful book I’ve read on the subject of beef. I have used almost all of Lee O’Hara’s methods and I must say that not only have I saved a ton of money, my entire family is now eating healthier top quality beef (at way below regular costs). I now age my own beef, grind my own burger meat, have never lost anything to freezer burn (oh yeah, that paid for the book many times over) and I now know what cuts are from where and how to use them.”