How I Survived My First Year with Chickens

Join author Su Falcon in her misadventures as protector of the flock as she discovers the gap between the dream of keeping backyard chickens and the very messy reality.

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How I Survived My First Year with Chickens

What readers say:

The author’s wry wit as she chronicles her first year as a chicken keeper results in priceless nuggets of wisdom sprinkled throughout this thoroughly enjoyable book. Even the seasoned veteran will have a good time following along on the adventures, or should I say misadventures, of Su and her flock. I highly recommend picking up a copy of this humorous—but I must say very accurate—look at delving into the realm of raising a backyard flock of chickens.

Lisa Steele, author of Fresh Eggs Daily and Gardening with Chickens

How I Survived My First Year with Chickens is a hilariously accurate and darling account of first-year chicken keeping. I really enjoyed reading about all Su’s “trial by error” and “learn by doing” stories. It’s how we first started and I found so much solidarity with them. She’s an excellent writer, and has a profound way of finding comedy and joy in all of the nuances of chicken keeping.

Megan Raff, Founder and co-owner, Dare 2 Dream Farms

Chickens are delightful. They have the reputation of “being stupid” but I like to ask anyone who slanders the birds, “Can you catch one?” Chickens are as smart as they need to be, and Su Falcon has captured many of the ways in which these beautiful birds outmaneuver their owners.
Each of my sons had pet chickens that helped to form and support the growing of gentle, empathetic, care-taking young men. We have lived with chickens, traveled with chickens and loved our chickens. With that said, what Su Falcon brings to chicken observation is sheer avian bliss flavored with some mealworm seasoning.
This enchanting version of chicken care will have you laughing out loud, smiling inside and yearning for a new flock of your own. Read it and cheep!

Leigh Adams, Artist in Residence, LA County Arboretum

I loved this book! It took me on a realistic journey of Su’s first year of raising backyard chickens. The stories she shares will make you want to start building your own coop and picking out the best birds. Not only is there a benefit to knowing where your eggs come from, but your life can be enriched in other ways as well by backyard birds.

Jen Vandervoort, Founder, RURAL Magazine

As a lifelong chicken keeper, I’m pretty sure I’ve lived every word of this book. If you don’t run right out and get your own little flock after reading Su’s hilarious adventures with her chickens, then you must already have chickens.

S. E. Filomeo, Garden, food and wine writer, HerLife Magazine

This book was an easy, entertaining read. I pretty much experienced the same my first year (and then some). I also liked the chapter titles—cute and clever!

Anne Kuo, Real Hens of Orange County

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